Here's what you should know
about the services offered by
richline wordshop

richline wordshop,
headed by Richard L. Eastline, provides writing and editing to the producers of sales brochures, ads, and catalogs, as well as editorial content for newsletters or feature articles. Writing is styled to fit the purpose—straightforward text that is gramatically correct and unambiguous for information-oriented content, or cast in expressive language to engage senses and moods within the reader to establish positive responses.

Creative communicating is our defining business philosophy, implemented by a variety of approaches that well serve both commercial and not-for-profit organizations. More than 30 years of experience have been focused on fulfilling assignments that call for the persuasive capability of words to sell products and services, or to convey information with clarity and style. The service is geared to the published word, whether for print or websites.

Typically, users are the marketing and service departments of retailers and manufacturers, advertising and sales promotion agencies, in addition to professional business and arts organizations.Our writing strengths are a best fit for those clients who (1) want to promote their services, products, or activities to specific consumer markets, such as technology-related users and performing arts audiences, (2) require small group communication in the form of e-mail notices and newsletters. Editing goes beyond conventiional proofreading; suggestions are offered if ambiguity or disconnects are noted.

As each assignment is customized, costs are determined by the time and research required. Rates are based on a job's complexity and scheduling. Estimates can be provided if sufficient details are supplied. However, as is customary, basic pricing should not be considered as a firm bid unless cost provision is made for incorporating changes and additions to the job.

For writing original content or editing prepared text intended for use in print or websites, the procedure involves furishing a description of the proposed assignment (the more comprehensive, the better) along with samples of any material pertinent to style or character. That can be accomplished via e-mail or faxing. Usually, this arrangement is requied only for a first assignment.

Writing or editing projects for the wordshop can originate from almost anywhere, provided that all mutual communication can be accomplished via telephone, fax, postal mail, and e-mail. In-person meetings and on-site work can be arranged, of course, depending on location and scheduling options.

You're invited to examine representative samples of work produced for a variety of users. Excerpts from several are seen on the next page while more comprehensive content is available via the links. Examples of other material are available on request. (Kindly specify a topic or related area of interest.) For information on contacting the wordshop, see the last page of this site.